General Information

The Iasa Continuing Education Program exists to ensure that architects are continually learning new skills and keeping up-to-date with state of the art practice. By maintaining your certification you not only gain access to tools, knowledge, and career advancement help, but you also support the architecture profession and its practice. This page serves to outline the requirements, reporting structure (report CEU on your account page on the My Certification tab), and options for earning your continuing education units. Please reach out to Iasa’s support team if you have any questions about the program or need assistance in reporting your hours: [email protected]

CEU Requirements

CEUs (Continuing Education Units) are units representing one hour of activity that are used to quantify approved professional development activities. Iasa quantifies these units through three auditable categories: Education, Contribution and Practice.

This page outlines further details below or you can download the CEU Overview Manual

Iasa credential holders are required to collect at least 80 hours of CEU’s (the equivalent of two work weeks) bi-annually. In combination with obtaining CEU’s, the credential holder is also required to have worked as an architect for a period of at least 16-weeks. All CEU’s can be submitted at one time or at your convenience within that period.

Hours Required by Certification Level

CITA-F 60 hours 20 hours 640 hours
CITA-A 60 hours 20 hours 640 hours
CITA-P 40 hours 40 hours 640 hours

Hours listed above are the total for the 2 year period. They can be submitted at anytime within that 2 year period. 1 CEU = one hour (60 minutes) spent in a structured educational activity.

**Up to 20 hours of education and contribution, as well as self-directed work, can be used to make up for a portion of practice hours.

Earning CEUs

CEUs may be earned through professional learning and contribution – these two components compliment both the development of the individual certification holder and the advancement of the architecture profession as a whole. The following outline indicates multiple opportunities in which credential holders may earn CEUs.


Iasa Community Offerings

Iasa continuously offers its members opportunities to participate in educational events. View the Iasa Event Calendar for more information regarding these activities.

Iasa Chapter Offerings

Iasa Chapters offer regular chapter meetings, regional events, and other opportunities for learning and collaborating with your local architect community. Join an Iasa Chapter near you to take advantage of these offerings.

Educational Programs by Outside Providers

Iasa recognizes relevant educational activities and programs offered by organizations outside of Iasa. If you should have any questions about relevant CEU earning activities, please don’t hesitate to contact Iasa for support at [email protected]

Self-Directed Learning

Iasa will recognize activities that involve personally conducted research or study, including discussions or coaching sessions with colleagues or clients. Such activities should make use of informational materials such as instruction manuals, articles, books, video, or other learning material.


Creating New Content

Credits will be approved for creating content for the architecture community. You can earn these credits by publishing articles, authoring books, contributing to online publications, presenting podcasts or webinars, speaking during industry events, creating a video, or developing other learning material.

Contributing to Iasa

Iasa offers many opportunities to shape the architecture profession. Iasa members may participate in the Iasa Board of Education.  You may also volunteer at Iasa to earn hours.

Volunteer Service

Earn CEUs by providing your professional services to an organization or group outside of your employer; this includes any elected offices you hold for any related industry organizations.

If you should have any questions about relevant CEU earning activities, please don’t hesitate to contact Iasa for support [email protected]


Iasa certifications support the practice of architecture. Architects can record the hours they spend doing architecture as a job role, contractor, consulting, etc.

Reporting CEUs

Report CEU on your account page, go to the My Certification tab then click the PLUS + symbol above the CEU Tracking table to record an entry.

CEUs are to be reported across two year cycles. Final CEU Reporting is due prior to your certification expiration (date obtained plus 2 years). Please note that if a certified architect has not reported required CEUs prior to the two-year reporting deadline, his or her certification will expire. If you let your certification expire after its two year cycle, you must re-apply for the certification and pass the exam and evaluations again in order to reclaim your credential.