Comparing Frameworks and Methodologies
Typically, the architecture framework documents the building blocks that make up all of an organization’s information assets. These assets include all of the systems across the organization’s business units. From the architect’s perspective this includes: information assets, business plans, system performance and structure and the related processes. Architecture frameworks organize, categorize, and define relationships between these information assets.

A meeting can be defined as an instrument of communication, an exchange of information between people with the goal of reaching a common objective. Meetings should not be seen as a waste of time and a distraction from daily work.

This 60 minute self-paced online course delivers an interactive training to help students understand what makes an effective meeting, the 4 keys of an effective meeting, and an interactive quiz to test your understanding of the material learned is included.

Course Objectives:
- Research the taxonomy of frameworks and methodologies used in an organization
- Create an approach to map frameworks and methodologies to the organization’s maturity level
- How to gain adoption of your proposed solution
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